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Using & Defining New & Long Grade Names

You may wish to define another grade that is not on the scale at all. For example, instead of 0-60=F, you may wish to establish 46-60=Unsatisfactory, and 0-45=F.

To add another grade to the grade scale:

  1. Click Grading > Set Grading Scale.
  2. In the grade list, scroll down to New Grade and highlight it.
  3. Enter the name or mark for the new grade in the Grade text box.
  4. Enter a minimum numeric score for the grade in the Cutoff box.
  5. Click the Make Change button to add the new grade to the grade list.
  6. Click OK to exit.

New grade names may be long names and may contain 20 characters. Only three characters will be displayed in the spreadsheet, but you may choose to print the long grade name. In this way, you may create as many new grades as you wish for your special scale.

You may also wish to define new grades for your entire scale rather than merely modifying standard scales or adding a few new grades. For example, you may want to build a scale such that SS=90-100, GD=70-89, NH=0-69. (SS=Shows Strength, GD=Good, NH=Needs Help), so that GradeQuick will assign a GD, not a B, to a student whose average is 80.

  1. Click Grading > Set Grading Scale.
  2. Click Clear Grading Scale in the dialog box that appears. This will clear all the grades from the scale.
  3. Click New Grade as explained in the above paragraph to create each grade in your new scale.