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Blackboard Help

About Help

Blackboard's wiki-based help system at is your one-stop shop for the product documentation for many Blackboard products, including Blackboard Learn. This site allows anyone to view the help for any audience (student, instructor, or administrator) without logging in, while adaptive search and tagging help users find what they’re looking for.

How do I navigate the site?

Select the navigation menu below the help logo to view all the products, roles, and topics available on the help site.

Once open, select the plus sign next to an item to expand or collapse that section, and then select the product, role, or topic page you are looking for. The page you hover over or select appears purple while the page you are currently on appears bold when you reopen the menu.

To close the menu, click the large X.

How do I provide feedback about the Help site?

To provide feedback for a particular topic, copy the topic URL and send it in an email with your comments to This information goes directly to the Blackboard Content team. (The Content team can read and respond to emails in English only.)

Why can't I sign in to

The ability to sign in is restricted to Blackboard writers and editors and a handful of client contributors. Users who have not been given an account will not be able to sign in. But don't worry -- you don't need to sign in to see all the content!

Can I view the help in other languages?

Yes. Blackboard translates the help content for some products into other languages. To view the help that is available in your language, select a language from the upper-right corner of this page.

Can I get the content in other formats?

Blackboard no longer provides authoring kits because reusing the content from the help is much easier in this new system. To use the content elsewhere, you can:

  • Print PDFs directly from the site. Click the printer icon at the top of each page to create a PDF of a topic. You then can print the PDFs to get hard copies or convert the PDFs that you create to Word or HTML using a third-party tool.
  • Link to pages by copying the URL of the page.
  • Copy the text directly from the HTML page. 
  • "Mirror" the site using a spider tool such HTTrack (available only in English and French) or SiteSucker (available only in English). You then can edit the content and host the files yourself.
  • Create Word® documents of the help pages using browser extensions such as Save Webpage As Word Doc extension for ChromeTM.

To learn more about linking to your content instead of this site, see the Customizing the Help Experience topic for your service pack.