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Add Feedback

Instructors can provide students with general comments and feedback using the text input area beneath the grading and rubrics sections of the grading panel. Instructors can also provide audio and video feedback using the buttons located at the bottom of the grading panel.

Grade Panel showing Feedback Area


Feedback entered into the Feedback text area will be visible to the student when you send the grade. To enter feedback, tap in the text area and type your feedback.

Grading Notes

Information added in the Grading Notes text area will be visible only to other instructors and graders. To enter grading notes, tap Grading Notes, and then tap in the text area and type your notes.

Audio Feedback

You can provide use the device microphone to record audio feedback. To record audio, tap the Audio button at the bottom of the grading panel. To begin recording, tap the Record icon, and start talking. Tap the Record icon again to stop the recording.

Tap the Play icon to preview the recording. If you would like to re-record the audio feedback, tap Retake. If you are finished and would like to use the recording, tap Use Audio. Otherwise, tap Cancel to cancel recording.

Video Feedback

You can use the device camera and microphone to provide video feedback. To record video feedback, tap the Video button at the bottom of the grading panel. You can record a new, live video or use a pre-recorded video from your Photo Library.

Keep your video feedback concise. Video recordings can be only one minute long.

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