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Getting Started

See what your students see. Get Bb Student.

  1. Download and install Bb Student to view your courses from the student perspective.
  2. Create a fake student account or obtain one from your school's Blackboard administrator. Enroll that student in your courses.

Anyone can download and install the Bb Student app on a mobile device. However, you can only access your Blackboard Learn courses if your school has purchased a mobile license. If you are unsure if your school has mobile capabilities, ask your school's Blackboard administrator.

Before you begin

Your institution needs to have a Blackboard license that includes mobile device access.

Use the Mobile School Finder Page (available in English only) to search for your institution.

You need a Blackboard Learn account at your institution.

You will log in to the app with the same username and password provided by your institution.

Your phone needs one of these operating systems to run Bb Student.

iOS 8+
Android 4.0+
Windows 10+

Install app and log in

Follow these steps to download and install the Bb Student app.

  1. From your device, access the appropriate online store.

    Download on your iPhone® or iPod touch®

    Download on your Android™ device

    Download on your Windows® device

  2. Search for Bb Student.
  3. Install the app on your mobile device.
  4. Open Bb Student and search for the full name of your institution.

    If you’re unable to find your institution, try modifying your search. If your school is part of a larger institution or district, try searching for that name instead.

  5. Log in with your fake student's Blackboard Learn username and password. If you log in with your instructor credentials, you won't see any courses. Bb Student only lists courses where the user's role is student.

Explore the app

As you view your courses in Bb Student, take note of things that don't look or function the way you intended. Bb Student handles many of the content types presented in your Blackboard Learn course, but it is not designed to handle every possible type of content. You can edit your course content so that it translates well to a mobile device.

  • Activity stream. This is the first screen after login. See up-to-the-minute action for all of your courses. Tap the icon next to the Activity Stream page title to go to the base navigation.
  • Base navigation. Access your courses, grades, and due dates. Any link on the base navigation shows you a global view across all of your courses. For example, Grades and Due Dates are rolled up for all courses, without having to navigate to each one.
  • Courses. Swipe left and right to see past and future courses. At the bottom of the Courses list, tap to hide courses you no longer want to see in the list.
  • Get help. The help link is located on the login screen. If you are already logged in, go to the base navigation and tap the gear icon to log out.
  • Log out. From the base navigation, and tap the gear icon to log out. If you don't see the gear icon, pull down.

Your courses

Your courses will look a bit different than they do in your desktop browser, but you should be able to easily navigate to your content. Most features are available in the app.

  • Content. This page contains the folders and other items your instructor made available in the desktop browser view of the course. Tap a folder or item to open it.
  • Grades. Swipe left to see your grades for the course you are currently in.
  • Discussions. Swipe right to participate in the discussions going on in your course.
  • Assessments. You can take assignments and tests in the app.

Join Collaborate sessions

You can join Collaborate with the Ultra experience sessions from your mobile device to see what your students see. Open the participant link, not the moderator link, on your mobile device and the Bb Student app opens the session for you. At the same time, you can join the session as a moderator on a desktop web browser.

More on collaborating in Bb Student as a session participant

Tips for instructors who are moderating sessions with mobile participants

Need Help?

Email Support (available in English only)

@BbMobileSupport on Twitter (available in English only)

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