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Blackboard Learn Requirements for Open Content

Original Launch: June 19, 2013


  • Basic requires Service Pack (SP) 10 and later.
  • Premium requires SP 10 and later, and the Content Management license.

Supported Platforms

The Blackboard Open Content Building Block is supported on the following platforms:

  • Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 10 (Build: 9.1.100401.0)
  • Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 11 (Build: 9.1.110082.0)
  • Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 12 (Build: 9.1.120113.0)
  • Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 13 (Build: 9.1.130093.0)
  • Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 14 (Build: 9.1.140152.0)

The Blackboard Open Content Building Block requires these prerequisites to operate.

  • Cumulative Patch (CP) is installed.
  • Software Updates version 3.2 or higher
    1. To check the version you have installed, navigate to the System Admin page.
    2. In the Cloud Management section, click Software Updates.
    3. Verify that version 3.2 or higher is installed.
  • Cloud Connection is valid.
    1. To check the cloud connection, navigate to the System Admin page.
    2. In the Cloud Management section, click Cloud Connector.
    3. Verify that the page shows a valid connection.

Important Notes

  • When the Blackboard Learn server is integrated with Blackboard Open Content, the option to use Blackboard Open Content will be available to all users with an instructor/leader course/organization role or a content creator course/organization role, such as course builder. For those clients licensing Community Engagement, Institutional Hierarchy can also be used to enable Blackboard Open Content to a subset of those users. We encourage clients to pilot Blackboard Open Content thoughtfully and to engage with Blackboard to learn how to best leverage this transformational technology. We advise clients to have a communication plan in place before enabling the integration. Blackboard has comprehensive consulting and training services to help clients, as well as many online resources clients can access as they explore the possibilities.
  • Blackboard Open Content is not intended to replace content management, but be used with content management to provide a complete learning content solution. To learn more, see A Complete Learning Content Solution.
  • Blackboard Open Content relies on the Blackboard Learn Cloud Connector, which separates Blackboard Learn production and non-production instances. For Blackboard Open Content, this means that content created from non-production Blackboard Learn instances (instance type “Stage,” “Test,” or “Development”) is not accessible from production Blackboard Learn instances (instance type “Production”). To learn more, see Cloud Management and Cloud FAQs.

How to Install and Activate Blackboard Open Content Connector Building Block

Ensure that the prerequisite Cumulative Patch has been installed, Software Updates has been upgraded to 3.2, and the Cloud Connector is set up correctly.

You can use Software Updates to install the Blackboard Open Content Connector Building Block directly from the System Admin panel. Alternatively, you can visit Behind the Blackboard Downloads and find the Blackboard Open Content Building Block to download and install manually.

Software Updates

Software Updates are located on the System Admin panel. When a new Building Block is available or has been updated, you are notified by a change in the icons. Simply click the Feature Building Blocks Available icon and locate the Blackboard Open Content Connector Building Block. Click Install. After installation, you need to make the Building Block available.

Image illustrating associated text

Behind the Blackboard Downloads 

Download the Blackboard Open Content Building Block from Behind the Blackboard Downloads home, located under Featured Building Blocks for Learn. Save the file on a local drive. 

  1. Navigate to the System Admin panel and click Building Blocks.
  2. Click Installed Tools.
  3. On the action bar, click Upload Building Blocks.
  4. Browse for the Blackboard Open Content Connector Building Block .war file.
  5. Click Submit. You receive a success message when the Building Block is installed.
  6. Set the Building Block to& Available and click Approve.

How to Configure Blackboard Open Content With Blackboard Learn

  1. Navigate to the System Admin panel and click Blackboard Open Content Settings in the Cloud Management section.
  2. Click Availability. Click the Off icon to switch it on.
  3. Click Submit to accept the license agreement.

    A warning appears stating that Blackboard Open Content will be launched. Click OK to be taken to Blackboard Open Content.

To Learn More

To learn more, see About Open Content, Open Content Technical Details and FAQs. To learn more about using Blackboard Open Content, see Open Content for the Instructor.