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Blackboard Help

Edit and Delete Resources

Edit Resources

As a shared learning object repository, Blackboard Open Content (formerly xpLor) considers how any edits to a resource may impact all instances where it has been linked or added. You cannot directly edit a resource if any other user has:

  • Made the resource a favorite.
  • Added the resource to a collection.
  • Added the resource to a course.
  • Added the resource to a channel.

For this reason, you may be required to create a new version of the resource so the original version remains intact.

Only the original author of a resource can edit the resource. Other users may create a new version of the resource and edit that.

  1. Navigate to My Content.
  2. Click the resource to edit it.

    Editing a resource returns it to a draft state without creating a new copy of the resource. If the resource has been used by another user, a new version of the resource must be created to edit. To learn more, see Versioning.

  3. Click Publish or Save Draft.

Delete Resources

Only the original author of a resource can delete it completely from Blackboard Open Content. Select Delete from the Resource Toolbar drop-down menu. To learn more about the Resource Toolbar, see Navigating Blackboard Open Content.

From the Delete Resource page, choose to delete the resource and remove all references to it. Select a reason for deleting the resource.

Deleting a resource is permanent. A resource cannot be restored once it has been deleted.

You cannot delete a resource if any other user has made the resource a favorite or added it to a collection, course, or channel. In this case, you can only retire the resource.

Retire Resources

Retiring resources hides the resource from being discovered through searches.

Once retired, the resource displays a notification to all users who have used the resource that the resource has been retired. The original author of the resource can restore it from the retirement notification or My Content.

Restoring a retired resource grants access back to all users and locations the resource was previously associated with.