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Add Metadata to Resources

Metadata in Blackboard Open Content (formerly xpLor) is data associated with a resource. It describes the resource, but does not affect the main content of the resource. Use metadata to organize and discover resources.

You can use the following types of metadata on Blackboard Open Content resources:

  • Short Description
  • Grade Levels
  • Tags
  • Standards

Resources can be searched by Grade Levels, Tags, and Standards. To learn more, see Discovery.

Add and edit metadata from the resource editor About panel.

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Short Description

Resource short descriptions are searchable and display to other users when a resource is selected. Only the resource editor can enter a short description.

Short descriptions can only contain bold, italic, and underline formatting.

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Grade Levels

Grade levels include all K-12 levels, undergraduate levels (100-200-300-400) and graduate levels. Use the drop-down list to associate the resource with the appropriate grade level. You can select more than one grade level.

Approved users can be given permission to add grade levels to a resource. To learn more, see Sharing.


Tags provide labels for classifying content to aid in searching resources. A drop-down list contains many pre-made tags, but you can add your own. You can select more than one tag.

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Approved users can be given permission to add tags to a resource. You can remove tags other users add to your resources. To learn more about sharing permissions, see Sharing.


You can associate resources with standards.

  1. Click select standard sets to display the appropriate standard set.
  2. Select the standard you want to associate with your resource.
  3. Click OK.

The associated standards appear in the About panel following the Standards heading.

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You can also access and manage your standard sets from My Blackboard Open Content Settings. Click the Standard Sets tab.