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Blackboard IM Administration Guide

The Blackboard IM Administration interface provides access to high-level management of Blackboard IM features and deployment. Course Management System (CMS) Administrators automatically receive Blackboard IM Administrator privileges when they create a Blackboard IM ID.

From this interface, Administrators can:

  • Configure institution-wide settings
  • Invite unregistered users and change invitation settings
  • Check synchronization status and run a manual synchronization
  • Enable or disable Blackboard IM on a course-by-course basis
  • Manage Blackboard IM users
  • Create and manage Help Desks
  • Send broadcast notifications to all Blackboard IM users at their institution
  • Review usage statistics
  • Manage Administrator permissions
  • Configure Web Conferencing

The Blackboard IM Administration interface is accessed by clicking the Administration tab on the Blackboard IM Settings page.

Download the PDF guide:

Administration Guide