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Blackboard IM Computer Lab Installation Guide

Blackboard IM provides computer lab administrators with a method for installing the program in “Lab Mode,” which takes into account the privacy and security considerations inherent to shared computers.

The computer lab installation mode ensures that:

  • Blackboard IM does not store username and password information when a user signs in:
    • The remember me checkbox is disabled.
    • The sign in automatically checkbox is disabled.
    • The Blackboard IM ID and password fields do not store prior entries; they are empty when a user signs out or exits the application.
  • Blackboard IM does not store chat logs on the local machine:
    • Text files are not created for any chat in a lab installation.
    • Options to show the message log from the Menu Bar are disabled.
    • The Save chat logs checkbox in the Preferences window is disabled.
  • Optional updates to Blackboard IM are disabled:
    • The Automatically check for Blackboard IM updates checkbox in the Preferences window is disabled.
    • Options regarding when to check for updates cannot be selected.
  • Blackboard IM does not store student-specific information, and display options return to their default settings at sign out.