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Get Started

Before you can download and install the Blackboard IM software, you must first create an account. Also, check that your system meets the minimum system requirements. See Blackboard IM System Requirements in Behind the Blackboard.

How to Create an Account

Use one of the following methods to open the Blackboard IM Sign Up page, in which you can create your Blackboard IM account:

  • Through a Learning Management System: Navigate to any Blackboard IM link in your institution's Learning Management System.

    When you have an account, this link takes you to the Blackboard IM Settings page instead.

    • Blackboard Learn: If you are using Blackboard Learn, the Blackboard IM link may be located in a content area or on the Tools page.
    • Moodle: If you are using Moodle, the Blackboard IM link can be either an activity within a course, or an image within a block.

    If you do not see a link in your LMS, the Blackboard IM tool may not be enabled for your course or institution.

  • By Invitation: Follow the instructions and click the link in an email invitation from Blackboard Collaborate, your institution, or another Blackboard IM user, such as an instructor or classmate.
  • With a Registration Code: Go to the Blackboard IM Registration page and click the Have a registration code? link. Enter a unique registration code from your institution, along with your last name as it appears in your institution's systems.

Each of these methods leads to the Blackboard IM Sign Up page, which includes the Create a Blackboard IM account form.

Registration page

  1. Create your Blackboard IM ID. In Blackboard IM, you are identified by your full name, as it appears in your institution's systems. Your Blackboard IM identification is used for logging in, managing your account, and enabling users who are not in your classes to contact you. This ID is unique and does not need to match your institution's systems. If you are associated with two or more institutions that use Blackboard IM, you can use the same Blackboard IM ID for both. To learn how, see Link to an Existing Account.
  2. Enter your email address. Each Blackboard IM ID must be associated with a unique email address.
  3. Enter a password that is memorable, but difficult to guess.
  4. Choose a security question from the list and provide the answer. In the event that you cannot remember your password, this question will be used for password recovery.
  5. Agree to the Terms and Conditions of service and the cookie privacy policy.
  6. Click Submit.

Now you are ready to install Blackboard IM on your computer. To learn how, see Download and Install.