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Blackboard Help

Link to an Existing Account

If you change institutions and want to continue using your existing Blackboard IM account, you can link it to your new institution. As long as you are still active on your previous institution's server, you can also access a list of your classmates for both institutions simultaneously.

  1. Use one of the three methods described in Get Started to open the Blackboard IM Sign Up page.

  2. Click the link Already have a Blackboard IM account? Link it!

    Already have an account link

  3. In the Sign Up: Link Your Blackboard IM Account page, log in using your existing Blackboard IM account information. Your new account is linked to your Blackboard IM account and the Blackboard IM Settings page opens.

If your institution is "walled in"—that is, the institution's Blackboard IM server is configured to block outside communication—you will not be able to link your accounts, unless you are an administrator or instructor. Students at walled-in institutions can communicate only within a single institution. As an alternative, you can create a second Blackboard IM account with a different email address at your second institution.