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Collaborate Ultra Resolved Issues - May 2016

The following issues from the previous known issues have been resolved.

Resolved Issues
Resolved Issue Status
Some pop-up blockers blocked the ability to download recordings Fixed
The default New Session text in the Scheduler and LTI UI was not localized Fixed
Right-to-left language text entered on the whiteboard did not honor the text entry direction Fixed
Audio/video set up in a Flash based version displayed the microphone icon incorrectly Fixed
Deleting text on the whiteboard did not remove it from the user's view Fixed
There was a significant delay in recordings between audio and application/screen sharing content being presented.  This could also be seen in whiteboard recordings if application/screen sharing was used earlier in the same recording. Fixed
In Recording Play Back, No Background color is displayed for single character captions entered During Live Session. Fixed
Ultra recording is not playing on iPad running iOS 9.2.1 Fixed
When moderators select Draw on Whiteboard in Session Settings the shared file covers the file name. Fixed
When symbols are used in the text (like a question mark, dot or coma etc...) the symbol jumps to the wrong side of the sentence. Fixed
Users are unable switch between the Whiteboard and video panel when the Text tool is selected. Fixed
When users cancel application sharing manually a message appears stating that the sharing didn't start and asks if the user would like to try again. Fixed
Text being shared is occasionally not presenting correctly on mobile devices in Bb Student. Fixed
Flash browsers will disconnect and reconnect every 8-9 seconds if the user selects deny on the Adobe Flash Player settings dialog box. Fixed