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Collaborate Update - June 2016

Here's everything you need to know about the June 2016 release of Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience.

Date available

This release will be deployed according to the following schedule:

  • Saturday, June 4 in U.S. and Canadian data centers
  • Due to finals, the next planned update for European and Australian data centers is the July release.

To learn more, see the Collaborate Support Bulletin (available in English only).

What's new and improved

We're continually evolving to improve the teaching and learning experience. The June 2016 release focuses on giving moderators the ability to track attendance.

Keep track of attendance with our new report

Now moderators can access a Session attendance report that tells them when participants joined and left their sessions. This report also gives moderators an idea of how long participants were present in the session. With this knowledge, moderators can check in with participants to see if they were having any technical issues or need a quick review of what was presented and discussed.

More on session reports for moderators

Additional enhancements

  • Collaborate with the Ultra experience now supports Irish Gaelic.
  • Windows® touch devices such as the Surface can now participate in a Collaborate session. Users can choose to use either the Bb Student mobile app or the browser.
  • We've optimized bandwidth consumption so sessions now require less bandwidth! We did this by mixing the audio channels together. Sessions now only need a single 62kbps audio stream. This enhancement also improves your audio experience for sessions on any device and including where several people are having a conversation.

    Optimized bandwidth consumption is deployed only to the U.S. data center in this release. It will be deployed to other data centers in a future release.

What's fixed

A few notable resolutions are listed below, along with a link to the Resolved Issues page.

More on resolved issues

Known issues

Rome wasn't built in a day. The page below identifies known defects and workarounds in Collaborate with the Ultra experience.

List of known issues on Behind the Blackboard (available in English only)

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