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Collaborate Ultra Resolved Issues - July 2016

The following issues from the previous known issues have been resolved.

Resolved Issues
Resolved Issue Status
After creating a session in SAS and inviting other users, the invited users don't see the invited sessions. Fixed
Session name/entry link should be part of the tab order. Without this, keyboard users have no way of entering a session via their moderator link. Fixed
Improve keyboard accessibility when invoking search in the Scheduler UI. Fixed
Improper markup of Settings menu in Scheduler UI. Fixed
Edit and delete aria labels should have the session name in Scheduler UI. Fixed
Invoking "create session" jumps the focus to the page footer in Scheduler UI Fixed
Improper markup for Filter menu in Scheduler UI. Fixed
Invoking delete button using the keyboard opens up the edit panel in Scheduler UI. Fixed
My Recordings is not part of tab order. My Sessions defaults to selected, and there's no way for a keyboard-only user to switch to the My Recordings view in Scheduler UI. Fixed
Updated the look and feel of the Mobile launch page for Windows touch screen devices. Complete
Session and recording layout issues for SAS invitees. Fixed
Session and scheduler layout issues on Safari. Fixed
Recording playbacks of 3GB seem to be stuck on Loading Recording. Fixed
Recording playback from EU-SAS initially results in error. Fixed
Change buildhtmlRecordingUrl recording downloadable Fixed
Add hidden login group setting that enables recording download settings for all sessions. Fixed
Update the "Export Data Notice" in SAS. Fixed
Add launcher link and updated support URL to Landing Page in SAS. Fixed
'Session reached maximum number of teleconference users' alert shown on repeated reconnection. Fixed