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Collaborate Ultra Resolved Issues - 16 July 2016

The following issues from the previous known issues have been resolved.

Resolved Issues
Resolved Issue Status
Ensure ARIA roles, states, and properties are valid in the exit survey. Fixed
Provide blank alternative text for images in the exit survey. Fixed
When the control buttons, like Zoom Out, are disabled they are announced only as a button to screen reader users, which can be confusing. Fixed
A label has not been correctly associated to the text area "Describe your issue (max 1000 characters)". When form fields are not correctly labeled, assistive technology users may not understand their purpose. Fixed
The group avatar images do not contain alt attributes. When images do not contain alt attributes, screen readers may instead identify the source code, which can be confusing to screen reader users. Fixed
When the video element receives keyboard focus is not identified to screen reader users, which may be confusing. Fixed
When a user open an Ultra session using IE and the webcam is shared, the menu tool is partially hidden after the video image and not shown in foreground. Fixed