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Collaborate Update - Sept 2016

Here's everything you need to know about the September 2016 (v16.9) release of Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience.

Available September 10, 2016

Collaborate with the Ultra experience v16.9 will be deployed on these dates.

  • All data centers on September 10, 2016

More on the Collaborate Support Bulletin (available in English only)

What's new and improved

We're continually evolving to improve the teaching and learning experience. In this release we are excited to introduce persistent content!

Load content before class, and keep it in session

Now moderators can prep for class at the beginning of the week, or even at the start of the semester.

After creating a session, moderators can open it any time and load the files they want to share. These files stay in the session until deleted by a moderator.

Collaborate shows the status of the file uploading and converting so moderators know when it's ready to share.

What's fixed

In this release we resolved several issues reported by our third party WCAG 2.0 auditors. The most critical ones are noted in the resolved Issues list.

More on resolved issues

Known issues

Rome wasn't built in a day. The page below identifies known defects and workarounds in Collaborate with the Ultra experience.

List of known issues on Behind the Blackboard (available in English only)

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