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Collaborate Ultra Resolved Issues - Nov 2016

The following issues from the previous known issues have been resolved.

Resolved Issues
Resolved Issue Status
The process for disconnecting from a session is causing browsers to hang. Fixed
Recording of an hour long session only contained closed captioning for the first 45 seconds. Fixed
There was recording reliability issues with the media server. Fixed
After resizing the browser window, icons on the bottom of the main stage may be cut off by the browser window. Fixed
"Flash player not installed" message is not displaying in Safari 9.

More on Behind the Blackboard (available in English only)

Moderators can't mute some participants with their microphone on. Fixed
Users who join a session while the Breakout Groups panel is open don't appear in the panel. Fixed
The Start and End date fields have a layout issue after deleting the start and end dates. Fixed
There is no textual notification for screen readers when someone has lowered their hand. Fixed
Screen reader users attempting to select a polling option are unable to hear if the option is selected. Fixed
Screen reader users and low-vision users that remove color to improve the readability of the page may not have enough context to know which page is active as there are no visual or text cues provided. Fixed
"Select font size for closed caption text" tool tip doesn't close after changing the font size. Fixed
A second of audio may be repeated a few times when non-speaking users enable or disable their microphones. Fixed
Audio quality in a browser using the Flash plugin (Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge) can get poor. Fixed
Webcam audio and video can get out of sync in recordings by a few seconds. Fixed