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Collaborate Ultra Resolved Issues - Dec 2016

The following issues from the previous known issues have been resolved.

Resolved Issues
Resolved Issue Status
Users can access deleted recordings using the email recording link. Fixed
Closed captions in recordings are being displayed twice in Safari® 10. Resolved
When Persistent content is enabled, uploading files can take a long time. It doesn't time out. This occurs rarely. Resolved
Issue connecting Bb Student to EU-SAS in some network configurations. Fixed
Audio and video seem to pause, restart, and have speed issues when restarted. Fixed
Firefox users who join a session after moderators have shared content may see the content off center on the screen. Fixed
Content area sometimes overlaps the navigational controls. Fixed
Firefox users see layout issues in the scheduler. Fixed
When users press Shift and select a range of users in the Participant's list not all users in the range are selected. Fixed