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Collaborate Ultra Resolved Issues - Jan 2017

The following issues from the previous known issues have been resolved.

Resolved Issues
Resolved Issue Status
Including the # character in a session name will prevent joining a session with “Failure Code: A02” Fixed
The timestamp in the Scheduler reports is off by an hour in the European data centers from October 30th forward.  And by an hour in the US, Canadian, and Australian data centers from November 5th forward. Fixed
Users connecting to Collaborate Ultra with WebRTC Chrome behind a firewall that was allowing UDP out, but only would allow TCP back in to the firewall, could not connect to the session. Fixed
Occasionally users joining the session may end up into two different sessions. Fixed
When users try to join sessions with an unsupported browser there is no indication that the browser isn't supported. Fixed
If users delete a file that is being shared and visible to participants, the Share content panel can't be closed. Fixed
Participants joining sessions from an LTI-compliant LMS see layout issues when using Firefox. Fixed
Moderators are unable to clear polls when in a Breakout group room. Fixed