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Collaborate Ultra Resolved Issues - Feb 2017

The following issues from the previous known issues have been resolved.

Resolved Issues
Resolved Issue Status
When users share content in a breakout room and then leave and return to the breakout room, the focus is on Share Whiteboard when they open the Share Content panel. Fixed
Collaborate's low bandwidth adjustment is disabling a users video camera even though their network quality is fine. This is occurring due to incorrect time stamps coming from the video camera. A fix is being investigated. Fixed
Improving color contrast on some icons in the application. Fixed
Moderators who are session owners aren't able to demote guest moderators to presenters or participants. Fixed
Participants promoted to moderators can't open the options menu in the Participants panel. Fixed
Captions in the recording player no longer work in Firefox version 50. Fixed
Accessibility experience improvements. Fixed
If users close and reopen the chat panel while having text in the text entry field, the cursor appears before the text instead of after. Fixed
When a Flash user connects to a session with telephony, they are disconnected and then reconnected to the session. Fixed
Enabling and disabling participant permissions does not have consistent results. Fixed
Not all login group users are appearing in the invite list when administrators create sessions. Fixed
Not all users can join a session from their Building Block or LTI compliant integration. Fixed