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Collaborate Ultra Resolved Issues - Jun 2015

The following issues from the previous known issues have been resolved.

Resolved Issues
Resolved Issue Status
Content Sharing Related
Multiple files can be added on the Share Content panel using the drag-and-drop function only. Unable to add multiple files using the Explorer. Fix not planned
If a moderator leaves a session while a Presenter is sharing content, the shared content freezes. The Presenter should refresh their browser. FIXED
ChromeTM Related
In Chrome, users can still use the drag-and-drop function when the Explorer window is open. Fix not planned
In Chrome, some extensions may break the audio or the Ultra experience of Collaborate interface. Check Chrome extensions. User may need to disable extensions that interfere. Closed
Flash® Related
Flash browsers on Linux machines are unable to launch the Ultra experience of Collaborate. Use Chrome. Closed
Internet Explorer® (IE) Related
In IE 10 and IE 11, a user's local video appears in front of the Share Content contextual menu. Fixed
In IE 10 and IE 11, there are white borders on shared PDF content. Fixed
In IE, the visual notifications are partially hidden if the user's local video is showing on the main screen. This happens when only one person is in the session. Fix not planned
Safari® Related
In older versions of Safari, there is an odd layout of video and buttons. Upgrade Safari. Fix not planned
In Safari 7, the remote video of the speaking participant covers the entire screen. The user's local video and additional participant cards are not visible. Upgrade Safari. Fix not planned
WebRTC Related
When application sharing has stopped participants can see extra video screens. Cannot Reproduce
In Flash browsers, video occasionally appears in the wrong resolution. Cannot Reproduce
Unplugging headsets while performing audio and video set up may cause other tools to stop working. User may need to restart their computer. Cannot Reproduce