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Collaborate Ultra Known Issues - Aug 2015

All known issues are considered for fixing in subsequent releases and are prioritized based on prevalence, impact, and efficacy of workaround.

To learn more, see Collaborate on Behind the Blackboard (available in English only). Click Knowledge Base and narrow your results with the Product and Article Category drop-down lists.

Known Issues
Known Issue Status
Accessibility Related
Participants using keyboard navigation in a Firefox® browser do not have the proper focus on items when using the Tab key. Fixed
Application sharing is not currently supported for JAWS in Blackboard Collaborate. Google's Desktop sharing extension is not accessible. If you are using a screen reader, you can share files and a blank whiteboard with your participants. You cannot share an application. Open
Audio and Video Related
An image of the text "avatar-x" may appear instead of the default avatar image. Open
Content Sharing Related
Participants may very rarely become stuck on the wrong slide of a PowerPoint presentation. Moderators need to return to the slide the participant is stuck on to continue. Can't Reproduce
Display and Function Related
Moderators cannot access the menu for the last user on the participant panel. Open
When moderators have selected to allow only moderators to show their profile pictures in a session participants can still add a profile picture. Participant profile pictures that are added are not displayed to others in the session. Fixed
When a file is shared and the chat panel is open the file name is right aligned above the file instead of centered. Fixed
When a participant does not have a microphone, or moderators have not allowed participants to share audio, the button to continue is inactive in the audio set up. Users must click Skip Audio Test to continue. Fixed
When a participant is viewing captions and enlarges the text, the last line in the captioner window is not visible. Open
When a moderator on Google Chrome shares their desktop the application sharing flashes. Open
Flash® Related
Flash browsers will disconnect and reconnect every 8-9 seconds if the user selects deny on the Adobe Flash Player settings dialog box. Open
If users with Flash browsers click the main video when not in follow mode any content shared may appear in the picture-in-picture area. Click again to show the content in the correct area. Open

Users on Windows 10 using the Microsoft Edge browser will see an error that Flash is not installed, if they have not enabled Flash. Flash must be enabled on the Microsoft Edge browser. To enable Flash, see the Flash Player Issues for Windows 10 Microsoft Edge article.

Internet Explorer® (IE) Related
When captioners change the title of their text entry field, users on IE 10 do not see the title name change. Open
Localization Related
Live closed captioning does not support Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean. Users with browsers set to these languages receive an error when they start. Open
Users with Chrome browsers set to Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Tradition Chinese see incomplete time stamps in notifications. Open
Users with their browsers set to Polish see the English abbreviation for closed captioning beside captioners in the Participant panel. Closed
The raise hand icon is available in English only at this time. Open
Users with browsers set to languages other than English will see English text for some video and audio device selections. The device list is provided by the operating system, not Collaborate. Resolved
Recording Related
Desktop MP4 recordings only include the first of the four available caption tracks, if captions were entered during the live session. Open
The first 10 to 15 seconds after a moderator starts sharing a blank whiteboard or file are not included in the recording, if the session is being recorded. Open
The initial loading time of recordings appears to be taking too long. Closed
Recordings are corrupted for some Mac/Window users when application sharing or the whiteboard are shown in the recording. To learn more, see the article on Behind the Blackboard. Closed - Pending an Adobe Fix
Safari® Related
Safari browsers with VoiceOver active, read "New Chat Message:" when another user types chat message with only an emoji. VoiceOver does not read the emoji. Open
Blackboard 9.1 October 2014 and Learn SaaS Integration Related
The Collaborate building block is missing translations when the Blackboard Learn instance language pack has been set to a language other than English. To learn more, see the article on Behind the Blackboard (available in English only). Open