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Collaborate Ultra Resolved Issues - Aug 2015

The following issues from the previous known issues have been resolved.

Resolved Issues
Resolved Issue Status
Accessibility Related
In Internet Explorer (IE) 11, with Jaws 16 users, if the focus is on the Set Status button menu and the user presses the space key the control panel moves up. This also happens when the focus is on the Share Content button. Fixed
In IE 11, while running Jaws 16 if a user presses ENTER or SPACE to toggle the control panel buttons on and off, the keyboard focus may be lost on the pressed button. Fixed
Audio and Video Related
The Adobe® Flash® Player Settings dialog box can get stuck on the local video area. Closed
Content Sharing Related
When choosing to share a Microsoft® Word 2011 document you see two options: the specific document and a blank Microsoft Word option. If you share the blank option, it shows a black screen. Choose to share the specific document. Resolved
The video for users sharing an application appears in the wrong resolution to participants using Flash browsers. Fixed
PowerPoint presentations 30 MB or larger fail to upload. There is a 30 MB limit for uploading files at this time. Moderators can split the presentation up and upload each section. Fixed - The limit is now 60MB
ChromebookTM Related
Chromebook users see a scroll bar and icons overlapping on a file that is shared by the moderator. Can't Reproduce
Chromebook users see the video panel overlapping the Chat panel. Can't Reproduce
When Chromebook users select an emoticon in the Chat panel, their cursor appears in front of the emoticon prior to pressing ENTER. Can't Reproduce
Chromebook users will see layout issues when there is live closed captioning. Can't Reproduce
Localization Related
Help links from the localized product user interface take the user to the English help. User can select their language from that page. Resolved
Users with Chrome browsers set to Polish can type captions in the closed caption text entry field. IE users will not see the text typed. Can't Reproduce
Users with their browsers set to French see the Oui and Non buttons cut off in the alert to set up their microphone and camera. Fixed
Users with their browsers set to Hebrew will not see the text telling them they sound great aligned correctly when they are setting up their audio. Resolved
Users with their IE browsers set to Czech will see their icon covered by a white square after sharing video. The square does eventually disappear. Can't Reproduce
Users with their Chrome browsers set to Hebrew and are sharing an application will see the text displayed at the bottom in the incorrect order. Closed
Recording Related
Recordings made in Safari 7.1.6/8.0.6 and Firefox 38 of a live session with shared content appear corrupted. To learn more, see the article on Behind the Blackboard. Closed - Pending Adobe Fix