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Collaborate Ultra Resolved Issues - Sep 2015

The following issues from the previous known issues have been resolved.

Resolved Issues
Resolved Issue Status
Accessibility Related
Participants using keyboard navigation in a Firefox® browser do not have the proper focus on items when using the Tab key. Fixed
Audio and Video Related
Content Sharing Related
Participants may very rarely become stuck on the wrong slide of a PowerPoint presentation. Moderators need to return to the slide the participant is stuck on to continue. Fixed
ChromebookTM Related
Chromebook users see a scroll bar and icons overlapping on a file that is shared by the moderator. Fixed
When Chromebook users select an emoticon in the Chat panel, their cursor appears in front of the emoticon prior to pressing ENTER. Fixed
Chromebook users will see layout issues when there is live closed captioning. Fixed
Display and Function Related
When moderators have selected to allow only moderators to show their profile pictures in a session participants can still add a profile picture. Participant profile pictures that are added are not displayed to others in the session. Fixed
When a file is shared and the chat panel is open the file name is right aligned above the file instead of centered. Fixed
When a participant does not have a microphone, or moderators have not allowed participants to share audio, the button to continue is inactive in the audio set up. Users must click Skip Audio Test to continue. Fixed
Flash® Related
Integration Related
When launching Collaborate Ultra from a Blackboard Learn or Moodlerooms integration participants are sometimes missing from the participants list and are removed from the session. Fixed
When the course name in an Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) compliant Learning Management System (LMS) has more than 64 characters an Ultra session can't be created. Fixed
Attendance reports on the Session Administrator System show results for all admin users instead of the one selected. Fixed
Localization Related
Users with Chrome browsers set to Polish can type captions in the closed caption text entry field. IE users will not see the text typed. Fixed
Users with their browsers set to Polish see the English abbreviation for closed captioning beside captioners in the Participant panel. Fixed
Users with browsers set to languages other than English will see English text for some video and audio device selections. The device list is provided by the operating system, not Collaborate. Fixed
Recording Related
The initial loading time of recordings appears to be taking too long. Fixed