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Collaborate Update - Feb 2016

Here's everything you need to know about the February 2016 release of Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience.

Date Available

The February 2016 release became available on the following dates.

  • Saturday, February 20, 2016 in U.S., Canadian, and European data centers
  • Saturday, March 5, 2016 in Australian data center

What's new and improved

Everything we’ve done in this release comes from direct customer feedback. In this release we focused on improving network indicators, recording quality, and more guidance with using your phone to call into a session.

See who is speaking and who has their audio turned on

Microphones appear next to participants who have their audio turned on. A dark microphone is used to represent the current speaker. As with the follow-the speaker view, the dark microphone moves to the current speaker as the discussion unfolds.

Know when you are "on air"

Collaborate tells you when others in the session can see your video. If you see an eye, others see your video in the center of their screen. If you see an eye while content is shared, others see your video as their picture-in-picture.

See network information for your participants

You can tell at-a-glance who is in your session and who might be having trouble connecting. New indicators have been added that tell you when someone is in the process of joining your session, if users are connected and how their connection is. Hover your pointer over participants in the Participant panel to see the indicators.

Experience more guidance around using your phone

Based on your feedback we added guidance moments and reduced steps to make it easier to use your phone when connected to a session.

Enjoy better quality in your recordings

You asked for better quality in your recordings. So we applied better smoothing and a higher bit rate to improve the quality of text in recordings with shared applications.

Nau (that's Maori for "welcome")

Collaborate sessions with the Ultra experience now support Maori as a language preference!

Maori is only supported in sessions. The scheduler is not supported at this time.

What's fixed

We resolved many known issues. More information on the resolved issues is coming soon!

More on resolved issues

Known issues

They say Rome was not built in a day. The following link identifies the known defects and workarounds in Collaborate with the Ultra experience.

More on current known issues