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Collaborate in Moodlerooms

Enjoy a Java-free experience in your classes.

Collaborate with the Ultra experience is available as an Activity Module for Moodlerooms.

Now your users can join a Collaborate with the Ultra experience session from their Moodlerooms class. They don't need to install Java or download and open Java-reliant files to their devices. The session opens in a new window or tab, depending on a their browser settings.

When you install and enable the module, your instructors can add Collaborate to their classes. They can create virtual classrooms, offices, and meeting spaces to engage their students in a more collaborative and interactive learning experience.

If you are a Moodlerooms customer, see the following steps to enable the plugin for your site(s). If you self-host Moodle or use another Moodle hosting provider, download the plugin from the Collaborate Moodle plugins page first.

Get started

To use Collaborate with the Ultra experience with Moodlerooms, start by contacting Blackboard to have it enabled on your instance and receive your integration credentials.

Submit a case on Behind the Blackboard (available in English only). Fill in all of the fields and make these selections:

  • From the Environment menu, select Web Conferencing.
  • From the Issue Topic menu, select Integrations.
  • From the Functional Area menu, select Moodle.
  • From the Category menu, select Request integration credentials.

Next, download and install the activity module and configure it with the credentials you get from Blackboard.

Download the Blackboard Collaborate plugin (may be available in English only)

More on installing activity modules in Moodlerooms

More on configuring the Blackboard Collaborate for your Moodlerooms instance


Steps in Snap: Admin > Plugins > Activity modules > Collaborate

Steps in other themes: Turn editing on > Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > Collaborate

After you install Collaborate you need to configure it. Instructors can't use Collaborate until it is properly configured.

  1. From the Plugins in Site administration, select Activity modules.
  2. Select Collaborate.
  3. Fill in the credentials that Blackboard gave you.
  4. Select Save changes.