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Manage sessions and users

The Ultra experience of Collaborate uses a combination of the Collaborate Ultra Scheduler and the Original Session Administration System (SAS) to manage your users and sessions.

The Scheduler has basic administrative functionality at this time. Like the Ultra session experience, we'll continue adding functionality to this interface over time, eventually replacing the original SAS interface entirely.

When using Collaborate with the Ultra experience you log into the Scheduler by default. You can easily switch back and forth between the experiences any time. We'll help you decide when.

How do I switch my experience?

Switch between the Original and Ultra experiences of Collaborate any time with just one click!

  • If you are in the Ultra experience, select Back to the Original experience (Collaborate V12)
  • If you are in the Original experience, select Back to Collaborate Ultra experience

Bookmark the experiences to return to them any time!

You can also select the banner on the User Login page to check out the new Collaborate scheduling experience.

Create and manage sessions

If you want to create a session select Create session from the Sessions screen. To manage sessions, find the session you want to edit and select Session options and Edit settings.

  • Type a meaningful session name. This helps students find the right session.
  • Set the date and time the session starts and ends. You can choose to keep a session open or repeat. You can also select if students can enter the session prior to the start time.
  • Optionally, type a detailed description of the meeting.
  • Copy the moderator link for your personal use, such as adding to a personal calendar item. Anybody using this link must be able to sign in with the session creator credentials.
  • Set guest access for the meeting. Click On to allow participants to invite additional guests.
  • You can send the copy of the guest link to your students, or other guests. You can also decide if your guests join as participants, presenters, or moderators by default.

    Session links can be long and break when sent. Use a URL shortening service, such as TinyURLTM, to create a short alias for your session.

  • Decide if guests join as a participant, presenter, or moderator. Not sure of which permissions to grant someone? Don't worry. Permissions can also be set during your meeting.
  • Invite users to the session. Expand Invitations and select Add new invite or Search for existing users. To learn more, see Create and manage users.

Session Settings

Decide who can do what in the sessions.

  • Allow recording downloads from the Recordings page as well as on the recording play back page.
  • Show the profile pictures of moderators only.
  • Allow participants to use audio, video, chat, and the whiteboard editing tools.
  • Allow users to join the session using a telephone for their audio.

More on Session Settings

Create and manage users

You are given Administrator and SAS Manager accounts when you are set up. Create and manage users in the Original SAS experience.

Integration accounts must be set up by Blackboard at this time.

More on creating and managing users in the Original SAS experience


Moderators can record their sessions and share them. The recordings are saved as MP4 files. Users can stream or download them to view them. Recordings capture the audio, video, and any content that is shared during a session. Recordings also capture any real time captions or subtitles available during the session. If there are more than one captions available during the session, the recording will capture only the first one.

More on recordings for moderators


Administrators and managers can view the Session Attendance report from the Scheduler.

Only the Session Attendance report is available for Ultra experience sessions at this time.

More on the Scheduler Session Attendance repot