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Session Interface Update

We've redesigned Blackboard Collaborate to give you an even better teaching and learning experience.

Collaborate is growing! We are continually innovating and adding new features. This is exciting and we plan to continue coming up with new ideas for years to come. With this in mind, we approached the redesign of our user interface (UI) and aimed to create an experience that is both recognizable to those already using it and be flexible enough to continue to grow.

More screen real estate for the stuff that matters.

We've maximized the main content area of your session. You see what you need to see without any distractions.

A clutter-free experience that puts everything at your fingertips.

The tools you use most often are front-and-center. Everything else is neatly tucked away and available with one click.

A consistent experience on every device.

Collaborate responds and feels the same no matter what you are using or the size of your screen.

Imagine a room designed for collaboration!

Imagine walking into a room that was perfectly outfitted for collaboration. The amount of tools to engage and capture are potentially endless. So like any good classroom or studio space, we must be organized. We started this organizing process by listing out everything Collaborate could do and identified three main spaces: Media, Session, and Collaborate.

Content gets more space

The Media space in Collaborate is where the content of the session is displayed. One of our main goals with the new UI was to maximize the size of this space. Creating an inherent full screen experience at any screen size. Tools that appear in the media space relate directly to the content being shared. You know immediately what you can do in the session.

High level session actions and information conveniently grouped

The Session space is a collection of high level session actions and information. Open it using the Session menu button at the top left of the screen. Find details about the session and help and support type features in a single space. Tools and features you use only once or twice during a session are conveniently grouped into the new Session menu.

New design with Session menu
Older design

Collaborate with ease

The Collaborate space takes your session experience to the next level. You now have a single space to go to engage other participants with all the great collaborate tools. Moving forward we hope to use this space for promoting new features that allow you to conduct deeper more meaningful interactions that enrich your Collaborate experience.

New design with Collaborate panel
Older design

Engage students in a whole new way

Make interactions with your students count. We moved your Chat, Participants panel, personal settings, and the ability to share content with participants into the Collaborate panel. Users can open the Collaborate panel to interact with each other or leave it closed to focus on your presentation.

You can now also poll participants. Polls are great to engage your participants and keep them interested.

More on polling for moderators

New design with Collaborate panel
Older design

Watch a video about the redesign

This video gives you a tour of Collaborate with the new look and feel.

Video: Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience user interface tour

We'll walk you through it

Don't worry about remembering all of this now. Moving forward our first time use experience tours will walk you through any new features or changes. You can be confident you'll know about the latest and greatest Collaborate has to offer.