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Session Settings

From Session Settings moderators decide if users can download recordings, share audio or video, post chat messages, and more.

Only moderators and administrators can change session settings.

Watch a video about session settings

This video explains session settings.

Video: Session Settings

Settings to make BEFORE sessions begin

While most settings can be changed any time during the session, you must set some settings before the session begins if you want to use them. These include allowing recording downloads and enabling telephony.

  1. From the Sessions screen, find a session.
  2. Select Session options, Edit settings, and Session Settings.
  3. Optionally, set these settings:
    • Allow recording downloads: If you want to let users download recordings, you must set this before the session and recording begins. If you don't select it, the recording can't be downloaded.
    • Anonymize chat messages: You can make chat messages posted during the live session appear as anonymous posts in the recording.

      Any recording made after selecting this option has anonymous chat messages. It does not apply to recordings made before selecting this option.

      Chat Recordings are only available in the HTML5 player which is only available in Session Administrator System (SAS) , Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), and Blackboard Collaborate ULTRA building block users at this time.

    • Allow users to join a session using a telephone: When selected all participants see an option in the Session menu to use their phone for audio during a session. If you don't select it, telephone is not available during the session.

      More on telephony and calling into a session

This is only available to users with moderator access to the Scheduler, use Collaborate in an LTI compatible LMS, or use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in their Blackboard Learn course at this time. Not sure which one you use? Jump to Schedule Sessions.

Settings you can change DURING a session

Moderators can change participant permissions any time before or during a session. Open the Collaborate panel and select My Settings. Select Session Settings.

Not sure where the Collaborate panel is? Jump to Find Your Way Around.

By default anyone with a participant role is allowed to show their profile picture, share their audio and video, post chat messages, and draw on the whiteboard and shared files.

Optionally, change these settings:

  • Show profile picture for moderators only: If selected, participant profile pictures don't appear anywhere profile pictures are seen in the session. This includes in the Participants panel, chat, breakout groups, and on the main stage. The default avatar appears for participants instead.
  • Share their audio: If selected, moderators can mute participants as needed. If not selected, only moderators can presenters can turn on their audio.
  • Share their video: If not selected, only moderators and presenters can turn on their video.
  • Post chat messages: If not selected, moderators and presenters can still use chat. Participants can't use chat but they can see any chat messages posted by moderators and presenters.
  • Draw on whiteboards and files: If not selected, only moderators and presenters can draw on whiteboards.