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Schedule Sessions In Your LTI Course

Connect live and in person with your students in your class.

When you first access Blackboard Collaborate from your course you'll encounter an intuitive design for scheduling sessions in the Ultra experience and viewing recordings.

Set the date for your session, the designated start and stop times, and then tell your students how to find it. 

What can I do?

Join your course room: The course room is an open session dedicated to your course. Select Join room to join the session any time. If you don't see a course room, your institution has turned it off.

Don't want to use the course room? Jump to Turn off dedicated course room.

Create new meeting sessions: Select Create Session. Add the name, date, and time of your meeting. You can also decide if you want to allow recording downloads. To learn more, see Create and Edit Sessions.

Update meeting information: Need to adjust the time or date, or invite a guest? Point to a meeting's Session options menu. From this menu you can copy the guest link, edit the meeting settings, view reports on the session, or delete the session.

Start your meeting: Select the name of the meeting when you are ready to start.

Search for meetings: Have several meetings scheduled? Select Search to filter the meeting list. Type a specific session name or date.

View Recordings: Select Recordings to view your recordings. To learn more, see Record Sessions.

Create and edit sessions

Select Create Session to create a new session. Open the Session options menu for an existing session to edit it.

  • Set the date and time the session starts and ends. You can choose to keep a session open or repeat. You can also select if students can enter the session prior to the start time.
  • Type a detailed description of the meeting. This helps students find the right session.
  • Set guest access for the meeting. Select On to allow participants to invite additional guests.
  • You can send the copy of the guest link to your students, or other guests. You can also decide if your guests join as participants, presenters, or moderators by default.

    Session links can be long and break when sent. Use a URL shortening service, such as TinyURLTM, to create a short alias for your session.

  • Decide if guests join as a participant, presenter, or moderator. Not sure of which permissions to grant someone? Don't worry. Permissions can also be set during your meeting.

Session settings

Decide who can do what in your sessions.

  • Allow recording downloads from the Recordings page as well as on the recording play back page.
  • Show the profile pictures of moderators only.
  • Allow participants to use audio, video, chat, and the whiteboard editing tools.
  • Allow users to join the session using a telephone for their audio.

More on Session Settings

Course room

The Course Room that an open session dedicated to your course.

This makes it easier for you to use Collaborate with the Ultra experience in your courses. It also provides you and your students a convenient launch point for classes or impromptu meetings.

The course room is on by default but can be turned off. To learn more, see Turn off the course room.

Turn off the dedicated course room

If you don't want students to view or join the open course room session, you can turn it off.

  1. Open the Course room options menu for the Course Room.
  2. Select Lock course room.

If you don't see or can't open the Course Room, your administrator has turned it off.