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About Collaborate

Spend more time learning and less time setting up. We've redesigned Blackboard Collaborate to give you a better learning experience—the Ultra experience.

Join sessions quickly.

You no longer need to install Java or a launcher to access sessions. Now you can quickly join browser-based sessions with ease!

Enjoy a modern aesthetic.

Our sleek and intuitive interface provides a clutter-free experience that puts everything at your fingertips. We call this the Ultra experience.

Focus on learning.

The easy to use interface allows you to focus on learning, not how to use the software!

Check it out!

Still not sure? We've put together this video to show you Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience in action.

Video: Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience user interface tour

Ready to roll?

Get ready to participate in an Ultra experience session!

More on moderating a session

Not a current Collaborate user? To request more information, see our Learn More page and fill out the form (available in English only).