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Teleconference Phone Numbers

Teleconference phone numbers are automatically generated during session creation. Anyone can dial into the session and initiate the connection between the session and the teleconference bridge.

We supply a Virginia-US number for U.S. and Canada, a UK number for Europe, and a Sydney number for Australia.

Administrators using Collaborate hosted from European or Australian data centers can request one of the following numbers as the default number for their Collaborate Login Group. Doing so will display the alternate number for all sessions associated with that Login Group.  Submit a request on Behind the Blackboard (available in English only).

If you need a number different than the one listed in your Collaborate session, use one of these alternate numbers instead.

Your personal identification number (PIN) doesn't change. Use the PIN provided in the session with the new number.

Long distance and international calling charges may apply.

International teleconference phone numbers
Country Region/City Number
Australian data center
Australia Sydney

Default number for Australian data center

+61 2 8520 1004
Australia Adelaide +61 8 7100 1859
Australia Brisbane +61 7 3188 2549
Australia Darwin +61 8 7905 7043
Australia Melbourne +61 3 8362 3382
Australia Perth +61 8 6225 2653
China Beijing (+8610) 5822 4426
Japan Tokyo 813-4540-0931
New Zealand Auckland (64) 9801 0547
European data center
UK National

Default number for European data center

+44 20 33189610
Bahrain National +973 1619 7528
France National +33 9 77 55 44 57
Netherlands National +31 85 2084955
Spain National +34 902 848 654
U.S. and Canada data center
U.S. US (Virginia) (571) 392-7650

US (Virginia)

(571) 392-7651