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Blackboard Help

Edit Shared Content Tools

Use these tools to edit and mark up shared files and the whiteboard.

Content editing tools
Icon Tool Description
Select icon with a sketch of an arrowSelect icon active Select Use the arrow to select an object on the whiteboard. After you select it you can resize, move, and delete it.
Pointer icon with sketch of hand pointingPointer is active Pointer Use the hand to point to different areas of the visible slide. Participants see wherever you are pointing on the slide.
Pencil icon with a sketch of a pencilPencil is active Pencil Use the pencil to draw free hand on the slide.
Shapes icon with a sketch of a squareShape tool is on Shapes Use the Shapes icon to draw a rectangle, ellipse, or a straight line. Your choice.
Text on with a letter TText tool is on Text Type text on the slide with the "T".
Clear icon with a sketch of an eraserClear is on Clear Use the eraser to undo everything.
Show view controls with sketch of paper and magnifying glass View controls Show or hide your zoom, fit, and size controls.
View controls open View controls opened Zoom in, Zoom out, Best Fit, Actual size

Best fit takes advantage of your screen real estate. Content adjusts to be completely viewable in the available area. It displays as large as possible while keeping the aspect ratio intact.

Preview and next arrows Slide navigation controls Move to the previous our next slide. 

With your keyboard, press Alt + Page Down to move back a slide and Alt + Page Up to move forward a slide. On a Mac, press Alt + Fn + Down Arrow or Alt + Fn + Up Arrow.

Select the slide name to view all slides.

Stop icon with a square in a circle Stop Stop sharing content.