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Collaborate Building Block

Blackboard Learn 9.1 October 2014, Q4 2015, Building Blocks

We have updated the Blackboard Collaborate Building Block to address a number of issues regarding large enrollments, recording pullback, course room behavior, and more.

More information on the Collaborate update

Quality improvements

MP4 1.0.7_0 | Release to Production 30 June 2016
Updated Features

With this release, we are continuing our commitment to delivering strong product quality and providing a stable, reliable experience. The bug fixes and enhancements in this release are primarily focused on improving reliability of our recording playback services. We changed from using Kaltura to SMS on Classic MP4s. This change now supports mobile device playback.

Web Conferencing 12.6.4

June 2015
Updated Features

Web Conferencing is now localized into Czech.

Web Conferencing 12.6.4 Resolved Issues

June 2015
Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved:

  • The session does not freeze when the playback is moved back and forth.
  • Users of the Polish localization can use the Webtour shortcut by pressing CTRL+ALT+U. This no longer creates a "€" sign.
  • Recordings no longer show names when the session was set to hide them.
  • “Follow” now stays checked when advancing slides in breakout rooms.
  • Users no longer need to click back on a timeline more than once to view images.
  • Webtour now continues to work when two or more users are connected.
  • Mac 10.9 users are now able to view the Webtour.
  • A user’s focus now remains in the chat when a Webtour is started.
  • WBP files are protected when uploaded using the “Load content” button.
  • The Copyright year has been updated to 2000-2015 in the About box.
  • Users can switch to sharing an application when sharing their entire screen using the Tools menu.
  • The PPT converter now uses the newer .NET framework.
  • Mac users with Java 7 no longer experience Collaborate hanging on launch.
  • Mac users no longer experience Collaborate hanging on quit.
  • Participants need permission to post anything on the whiteboard.
  • Sessions no longer freeze when moving participants between breakout rooms.
  • MacOSx 10.9 users cannot show content outside of selected application when using the appshare.
  • The graphing calculator no longer causes excessive activity.
  • The “Object Explorer” window stays in the same place when the window is closed and reopened.
  • User of all localizations can modify Proxy settings.
  • If a user is scrolling to see previous chat messages, the chat window no longer bounces to the end of messages when a new one comes in.
  • The correct attribute panel is given for the whiteboard tools.
  • The dialog to save a chat no longer appears twice.
  • There are no longer video issues on Surface Pro 3.
  • Android users will no longer see a blank screen when logging in during the WebTour.
  • The splash window where the Internet speed is confirmed, is no longer truncated.
  • Mac users can move whiteboard objects to Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Suspending video does not fail.
  • Participant use of chat room has been added to logs, to enable reporting and interventions based on user activity.
  • Moderators and participants can type in the chat box during Webtour.
  • The Java 8 update 40 no longer causes tiny chat fonts and wrong alignment.

ELM 3.7.0

June 2015
Updated Features

Preform the following to install Collaborate 12.6.4 to your existing ELM instance.

  1. Download the Gemini bundle. The bundle should include the following directories:
    • Client
    • Jnlp
    • Server
  2. Stop your ELM services.
  3. Copy the files from within the "Client" directory to the following location and overwrite the existing files: YourELMInstallLocation\ElluminateLive\manager\tomcat\webapps\elmcontrol\lib\12.5
  4. Copy the contents of  the Server directory, including the Services subfolder, to the following location and overwrite the existing files: YourELMInstallLocation\ElluminateLive\server\lib
  5. From the Jnlp directory copy the join and Play templates marked 12.5 to the following location and overwrite the existing files: YourELMInstallLocation\ElluminateLive\manager\tomcat\webapps\YourInstanceName\WEB-INF\resources\templates\jnlp”
  6. Repeat these steps for each instance within your server.
  7. Restart your following ELM services.
    • License Manager
    • Manager
    • Server

Web Conferencing 12.6.3

January 2015
Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved:

  • Fixed issue that prevented users from uploading a PowerPoint presentation (using Mac OSX 10.10.)
  • Removed support for SSLv3 to remediate potential POODLE security vulnerability.
  • Fixed issue that caused Moderator session to freeze if participants were moved between breakout rooms (after using Application Sharing.)