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Blackboard Help

Install the Blackboard Collaborate Suite

This installation software can be run in two ways:

  • On a “clean” system, with no existing installation of ELM.

  • As an upgrade to a system with ELM 3.6 already installed.

    If you are installing multiple Blackboard Collaborate servers, we recommend you have a system-wide design of how you wish to distribute the load for Blackboard Collaborate prior to the installation.

For either a full (clean) install or an upgrade, we recommend the following steps as a guideline for an Blackboard Collaborate installation.

  1. Install Blackboard Collaborate Suite.
  2. Verify that the services are running.
    1. Conduct post-installation configuration and verification:
    2. Configure the System Administrator email address in ELM.
  3. Create a session in ELM, send an email invitation to the session, record the session and then play back the recording.

You can install the Blackboard Collaborate software in either GUI mode or console (command line) mode.

You require administrator privileges on Linux and Solaris in order to run the installer.