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Blackboard Help

Uninstall Blackboard Collaborate

This section describes how to uninstall the Blackboard Collaborate services and, optionally, to clean-up the Blackboard Collaborate Suite folder.

As a precaution, create a backup of your ELM instance prior to uninstalling it.

Console Mode Uninstallation

Follow the steps below to invoke the uninstaller in console mode. This is available for Linux and Solaris only.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate folder within which you installed your application.
  2. Execute the uninstall program for your environment by entering the appropriate command below. Be sure to include the –c (console) option.

    uninstall –c

GUI Uninstallation

Follow the steps below to perform a GUI uninstallation of Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing. The examples below are based on a Windows GUI installation.

  1. Select one of the following methods to run the uninstall executable:

    On Windows

    • Start > Programs > Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing > Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing Uninstaller
    • Navigate to C:\Program Files\ElluminateLive and double-click on uninstall.exe.
    • Use Windows' Uninstall a Program utility.

    On Red Hat Linux

    Open a terminal window, navigate to the installation folder and run the executable:


    On SUSE Linux

    Open a terminal window, navigate to the installation folder and run the executable:

  2. The Uninstallation panel appears. (It may take several seconds.) Click Next > to begin the uninstallation.
  3. In the Welcome panel, click Next to continue.

    A panel will show the progress.


  4. Click on Finish to complete the uninstallation.

  5. (Optional) If you want to keep your backups and untransitioned recordings, back up the recordings and backups folders under the common folder in the application directory:

    [Install Directory]/common/backup

    [Install Directory]/common/recordings

    If you want to keep your transitioned recordings, back up the recordings folder under the instance’s resources folder:

    [Install Directory]/manager/tomcat/webapps/[Instance Name]/

  6. (Optional) Delete the ElluminateLive application directory. This is required if you intend to install the software again. If you do not delete it now, the next time you run the installation software you will be prompted to do so then.

    Warning: this will delete any existing recordings and backups associated with this instance. Be sure you back up any recording or backup files you want to keep before deleting the application directory (see step 5 above).

    On Windows (default):

    C:\Program Files\ElluminateLive

    On Linux and Solaris (default):