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Audible Notifications

Audible notifications are system messages sent as sounds to notify users when certain important events occur in a session.

Enable and Disable Audible Notifications

In the Preferences window, you can hear each notification sound. You can also enable or disable the built-in sets of audible notifications, Basic and All.

  1. Open the Preferences window:
    • From the Edit menu, click Preferences (Windows).
    • From the Blackboard Collaborate menu, click Preferences (Mac OS X).
  2. In the left panel of the Preferences window, click Audible Notifications in the General section.

    Image illustrating associated text

  3. To hear a notification sound, click its preview icon ( File:en-us/Collaborate/v12/Participant/020_Accessibility_Features/70_Accessibility_Options/Audible_Notifications/speaker_icon.png).
  4. Enable and disable the notifications for the various events:
    • To create a custom set of notifications, select the Enabled check boxes for the appropriate notifications.
    • Click Basic at the bottom of the panel. This is the default setting and includes the Hand Raised Alarm, Recording in Progress, Start Recording, Stop Recording, and Timer Alarm events.
    • Click All at the bottom of the panel. Note that all events are selected.

Blackboard Collaborate remembers your settings for all sessions you join on the same computer.