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Blackboard Help

Merge Multiple Accounts

Some users may receive more than one account for several reasons:

  • Parents with more than one child as a student will receive more than one account.
  • Staff members may receive multiple accounts for different roles.

Merging accounts allows you to keep one main account with all your information. Parents will especially want to combine all their children into one account so that they can access all their children’s information.

Blackboard merges parent accounts when two of the following fields match:
1) ID
2) Name (first and last, not case sensitive)
3) Phone number (Primary or Home)
Parent accounts will also merge if they have an identical name and both accounts are tied to the same student.

For details about how Blackboard merges accounts, check out the document Merging Parent Accounts.

Employees of the district (such as teachers or administrators) should not merge their personal parent accounts with their staff, principal, school administrator, or district administrator account. Merging personal and professional accounts will cause permission issues.

  1. Select the My Account link available in the upper right hand corner of the website.
  2. Select Merge Accounts.
  3. Type the Login ID and Password of the account to merge.
  4. Select OK to begin the account search.
  5. When the account has been found, select OK to begin merge.

    The accounts will be merged and the second account will no longer exist. All information will be in the account you are currently logged into.