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Blackboard Help

Edit a User Account

Most account information is managed from the district student information system, so most changes should be added there and not directly in the account. But as an administrator, you can review the account details and update directly into the Blackboard Communication HQ interface if needed.

  1. From the Blackboard Communication HQ interface menu, select Accounts > Manage Accounts.
  2. Search for the user to update.
    • You can search by Role, School, Name, or Phone/Email.
    • Select List Accounts.
  3. Select the account Name to open the personal account information.

    Image illustrating administrator view of user account information

  4. Select the type of information to update on any of the tabs. The account tabs available may include:
    • Account Information – This tab displays the same information that can be found in the My Accounts tab, including name, IDs, role, school, gender, preferred language, delivery addresses, and whether the account is configured. From here, you can update a user’s login and password, upload profile pictures, update their contact details.
    • Classes – Depending on the user, the Classes tab lists the class information. For teachers, this tab lists the class websites, where you can manually adds sites to the teacher. For students, this tab lists the class, teacher information, and grades.
    • Attendance – Depending on the users, the Attendance tab lists recent absences. You can select a timeframe for a list absences, and produce a report.
    • Contacts – You can view recent messages that were sent to the user. You can also add contacts for the user.
    • Groups – This tab displays the list of groups that the user is a member of.
    • Parents – This tab displays the list of parents connected to a user account (for students). From here, you can add parent and guardians to a student account.
    • Students – This tab displays the list of students connected to a user account (for parents usually). From here, you can add a student to a parent account.
    • Directory – This tab allows you to add the user to your district/school directory list. You can add the user’s title, bio, and contact information.
    • Delivery Preferences – This tab allows you to view the users preferences for delivering a specific type of message.

      Check out the details of the delivery Status levels.

    • Changes – This tab lists all the changes that have been made to the account.
    • Other – This tab displays different type of information depending on the user type. For students, this tab displays any cafeteria balance information, uploaded documents, and additional data for the student in question. For teachers, this tab displays different categories of messages that the user should receive, and details of the teacher’s class menus. You can add additional documents to any type of user.
    • Merge – This tab allows you to select one account to be merged with another account.
  5. If you add any changes to the tabs, select Save.

    If the account will never need to be changed in your district/school student information system, select Account configured from the Account info tab. This feature ensures that there will not be any future updates saved to the account.

Delivery Status Levels

You can view the status levels on an individual account and in the Bad Phone/Email report.

The following table describes the available status levels with the icons and descriptions.

Icon Description


Available for use. Messages will be sent to address.


Marked as a bad address based on delivery results. Delivery attempts will be limited.


Not available for use. No messages will be sent to address.


Invalid address format including phone numbers missing all ten digits or email addresses without @ symbols.


Listed on the do-not-contact list.

Addresses are added by:

  1. Administrator manually adds the address on the do not contact list.
  2. Recipient unsubscribed from emails.
  3. Recipient texted STOP for SMS messages.
  4. Recipient called the opt-out hotline for phone numbers.


Phone number has been deactivated by the phone carrier.