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Send a Survey

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Surveys can be sent by phone, email, your mobile app, or social media (Facebook or Twitter). A link to the survey is sent in the email, mobile app, and social media apps.

Send a survey

  1. From the Blackboard Communication HQ interface menu, select Messages > Send.

    Image illustrating a survey message

  2. From Saved Messages, open the Survey folder.
  3. Select the survey to send.
  4. Complete the message as any other message you send:
    • Select message Recipients.
    • Adjust delivery options as needed and the message in each option.

      To create a header for the survey explaining the purpose of the questions, set the first question as a yes/no response asking if the person would like to participate in a survey. In a phone survey for example, you can create an audio recording saying, “If you would like to participate in this lunch menu survey, press 1. If not, press 2 and hang up.” Your audience will know what they are taking a survey on before deciding whether or not to participate.

  5. Select Send when ready.