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Blackboard Help

Configure Communication HQ Mobile App Settings

Under Settings, you can log out, reset the app, and rate the app in the app store. You can also configure alerts and contact support.

Logging out, rating the app, and resetting the app are standard, so no documentation is provided.

Configure alerts

You can determine whether or not to receive social media alerts, and which schools you want for the alerts.

  1. From the Settings, select Configure alerts.

  2. Select On for Social Media Alert to receive alerts.

    ​Select Off to turn the alerts off.

  3. To select specific schools to receive alerts, choose Select Schools.

  4. Select the schools you want to receive alerts for.
  5. Select Back when finished.

Contact support

You can also use the Settings feature to contact support. 

  1. Select Contact Support.
  2. Choose how to contact support:
    • Select Call to start calling our support line.
    • Select Email to email support directly.