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Blackboard Help

Use Saved Messages

You can send an already existing message from the Saved Messages feature. Use these standard messages for content that needs to be sent out on a time-to-time or frequent basis.

Send a saved message

  1. From the Blackboard Communication HQ app, select Saved Messages.

  2. Select the message to send.
  3. Change any of the following for the message:

    Users cannot edit the text, edit the subject, or add new delivery method types.

    • Choose the recipients.
    • Translated to different languages.
    • Select delivery time.
    • Select emergency status.
    • Delete delivery method types.
  4. Select Send when ready.

Delete a saved message

If there are saved messages that are no longer needed, you can delete them.

  1. From the Blackboard Communication HQ app, select Saved Messages.
  2. Select the Edit option.
  3. Select the messages to delete.

  4. Select Delete to remove the message.