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Blackboard Help

Advanced Options

With Advanced Options you can adjust how messages are sent. You can adjust the send time, translations, recipient numbers, and even allow other to send the message at another time.

Use advanced message options

  1. From the Blackboard Communication HQ interface menu, select Messages > Send.
  2. Select Advanced Options.

  3. Select the specific district or school from the Sending Organization list.
  4. Adjust the Delivery Schedule by setting a start date/time, and an end date/time.
    • To schedule messages to be sent multiple times, select the Add (+) icon to set multiple dates and times. Use this feature to send reminders to recipients multiple times for an upcoming event.

      Check out the video for scheduling multiple deliveries of a message:

  5. Select or clear the remaining options:
    • To send a message during blackout times, select Send messages during blackout times.
    • To automatically translate the message into the languages setup for the district, select Use all supported automatic translations.
    • To send a message to all numbers available for every user, select Deliver to ALL recipient delivery addresses.

      Select Deliver to ALL recipient delivery addresses only during emergencies.

    • To include the parents of student, select Deliver to parents of students. Student must have been selected as recipients.
    • If you want the header and footer information included in an audio message, clear the Do not play header/footer prompts during outbound calling option. This option is usually checked so that the header and footer information is not included.
    • To save this message as public, select Allow other users to also send this message (public).
    • If you want recipients respond by pressing 2 from their phones, select Allow message recipients to respond to this message via voice recording.
  6. To update the message category, select a new category from the Message Category list.
  7. Select Save when finished.