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Create and Send Newsletters

Creating and sending newsletters can be a great way to send out several announcements, updates, and calendar events, all at once in a neat and organized way. The Newsletter feature is built in to the email messaging interface, and there are several templates already loaded for use. If you have your own templates, or would like to create a custom newsletter, the interface also includes an HTML source-editing tool.

Use a newsletter template

  1. From the Blackboard Communication HQ interface menu, select Messages > Send.
  2. Select the Email icon as the message type.
  3. Select Insert Email Template to add an email template.
  4. Select a template, and select Use.

    Image illustrating a school newsletter

  5. Update the newsletter:
    • Select <<More from the menu for additional options, such as inserting a link, inserting a picture/image, and changing the text/image alignment.
    • To add an image, select Insert/Edit Image. Select an image to upload, and then select Update.
    • For more advanced editing capabilities, such as changing the color scheme of the newsletter, edit the HTML code of the newsletter template. Select the Edit HTML Code icon.

      It is strongly suggested not to make any changes in this window unless familiar and comfortable with reading/editing HTML code.

  6. After making the changes, select Update to save the changes.
  7. Complete the rest of the message:
    • Type the Subject for the topic of the message.
    • Add Recipients, change the start time, or adjust many other options by using the menu to the left of the message area.
    • Include language translations by selecting Add Language, and select each language needed.

      Amheric language will not include translation or text-to-speech capabilities. Some Android devices and iOS do NOT support Amheric, and the message may not look correct on those devices. However, it is expected that those users requiring Amheric language will use phones that support the display.

  8. Select Send when ready to send the message.

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