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Blackboard Help

District/School Information

You can update the district or school information such as the location, phone number, or website address.

Image illustrating organization content in the app

Edit the Organization’s Directory Information

  1. From the Blackboard Communication HQ interface menu, select Settings > App Config.

    To enable an organization not displayed, select Show disabled organizations, and then select Enabled.

  2. Select the organization Name to update the information.

    Image illustrating the organization information

  3. Type the correct Address plus phone number.
  4. Update the Website address.
  5. To upload a logo, select Upload Picture and select an image.
  6. To add Additional Contact Information, select the appropriate icon, such as Phone, Email, Website, Address, or External App.

    Image illustrating a new address for organization

    • Type the correct information in the Edit Directory Info dialog for the phone, email, website, address, or app.
    • Select Save.

      To delete the additional contact information, select the information to remove from the Additional Contact Information area and select Delete.

  7. When the app is ready, select Mark Configured and Save.