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Blackboard Help

Manage Account Groups

You can create groups to organize your user directory information for your app. Group names can include Administrators, Staff, or Teachers and you can select the name of each user role that belong to each group for better display on the app.

Image illustrating directory for staff

Add a new group

  1. After logging into the Blackboard Communication HQ website, select Settings > App Config.
  2. Select Global App Settings.
  3. Select the Directory tab for the Directory Interface.
  4. Select the directory or select Create New Directory.

    Image illustrating account groups

  5. In the Account Groups area, select Add Group.

    Image illustrating adding a group

  6. Type the Name of the group.
  7. Select the Roles to add to the group.
  8. Select Save when finished.

Delete a group

  • If you need to delete a group, select the Group name and select Delete.

Rearrange groups

  • To adjust the order of groups, select and drag the group information in the Account Groups area.