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Blackboard Help

Advanced Configuration

Feeds are by default connected to specific locations in your mobile app; however, you can manually change some of the locations.

  • For Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and RSS feeds, you can set the content for the Superintendent area, the Sports area, or None. The default area is News.

Select None to temporarily hide the feed from your mobile app without deleting the feed.

  • Facebook images can be added to Photos.
  • Determine the feeds to appear in the Top Story area of the mobile app.

Assign a feed to a different mobile app area

  1. From the Blackboard Communication HQ interface menu, select Settings > App Config.
  2. Select the organization Name to update the information.
  3. Select the Feeds tab to manage the mobile feeds.
  4. Select the Name of the feed to change.

    Image illustrating change in mobile app area

  5. Select the mobile app area.
  6. Select Save when finished.

Assign Facebook images to the mobile app photo area

  1. Select the Name of the Facebook feed to change.
  2. Select Include in Media to add images to the Photo area in the mobile app.
  3. Select Save when finished.

Assign a feed to the Top Story area in the mobile app

You can determine if a feed will appear as the Top Story for the app.

  1. Select the Name of the feed to change.
  2. Select Top Story Feed.
  3. Select Save when finished.