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Blackboard Help

Organize Resources

To better organize resources, you can create folders, determine folder placement, and then organize the materials (web links and PDFs) among those folders.

Creating a folder

  1. After logging into the Blackboard Communication HQ website, select Settings > App Config.
  2. Select the organization Name to add the resources.
  3. Select the Resources tab.

  4. ​​To add a new folder, select the Folder icon.

  5. Type the Name of the folder.
  6. To include an icon image for the folder, select Upload Custom Icon and search for the image.
  7. Select Save when finished.

Organize folder placement

  • Organize folders by simply selecting and moving a folder to a different spot in the list.

Place resources in a folder

To add resources into a folder you must first open the folder. You cannot move a folder, web link, or PDF into a resource folder.

  1. Select Open Collection for the resource.
  2. Add web links or upload the needed PDF files.

    To learn more, see Add/Delete Resources.