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Blackboard Help

Add/Delete Advertisements

You can add new advertisements and remove any old advertisements that you no longer need to track.

Add an advertisement

  1. Select Add on the Advertisement tab.
  2. Enter the advertisement details:
    • Type the Title of the ad.
    • Select which feeds the ad will be displayed on in the app. You can set the Availability to Top Stories, News, and Stream.
    • Upload an Image to be set as the icon for your advertisement.
    • Type the Link to the sponsor's website.
    • Type the Sponsor Name.
    • Upload a picture for the Sponsor Image.
  3. Select Create.

  4. Determine the frequency of when the ad will appear by moving the slider in Top Stories, News, and Stream in the Advertisements tab.

Delete an advertisement

  1. Select the advertisement to be deleted.
  2. Select Remove.