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Blackboard Help

Configure the Tip Line

You can set the Tip Line phone number, who receives the messages, whether or not tips can be anonymous, different categories for tips, and the text that appears when users send a tip.

Set the Tip Line feature for the district

The district administrator can set the Tip Line feature, while school administrators can update some of the content and notifications.

  1. From the Blackboard Communication HQ interface menu, select Settings.
  2. Select the district organization Name to update the information.
  3. Select the Tip Line option from the Settings section.

  4. Set the tip line phone/text preferences:
    • Type the phone/SMS number in the Tip Line Settings box.
    • To disguise a caller's voice, select Disguise recorded voice.
  5. Select Enable Tip Line to set the feature for the mobile app.
  6. Set the Alert Dialog (school administrators can update text for their school):
    • Choose whether an alert message will show or not by selecting/clearing the Show Alert Dialog box.
    • In the text box type the message to appear in the app when a user adds a tip.
  7. ​Set the Placeholder Text (school administrators can update text for their school):
    • In the text box under Default text that shows in input box, type the placeholder information.
  8. Set the Anonymous feature:
    • Clear the Force Identity Inclusion box to allow anonymous tips. Check this option if you want users to always include their contact information with their tip.
    • Check Tips are anonymous by default so that that users can choose whether to submit their contact information or not. Tips will default to anonymous.
  9. Check Show organization selection to allow users to select the school.
  10. Add or delete tip Categories for users to select a category for their particular tip. Categories can help to organize tips, as well as assigning specific people to receive those tips.
    • To add a category, type the name of the category in the text box and click Add.
    • To delete a category, select the Delete icon.
  11. Set the Notification for the person to receive the tips:
    • Type the Email Addresses and SMS Numbers and select Add.
    • Continue for each person to notify.
    • To attach an email address and SMS number to a category, select one of the addresses or sms numbers, and select the individual categories to assign to the contact. Select Done when finished.
  12. Set the Summary Email to send a summary of all the tips that were received for given periods.
    • Type the email address to send the report, and select Add.
  13. Edit the Receipt Message to appear to the user that submits a tip (school administrators can update text for their school):
    • Type what you want the receipt of a tip to state.
  14. Select Save when finished.

    You can also create a Tip Line widget for your district or school website.